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You are the U in KGNU.

Hi, my name is Arleigh. I’m an artist. And a KGNU volunteer.

When KGNU (Community Radio in the Greater Denver and Boulder Area) moved from their rental space at 1900 Folsom and bought their own building at 4700 Walnut in Boulder at the end of 2000, we wracked our brains to think of a way to thank the people who donated money to help us buy the building. We wanted a way to commemorate every contributor, no matter the donation.

I imagined a tile mosaic that incorporated words, names and initials. I passed this idea on to the KGNU community at an all station meeting (or maybe it was the Christmas Party?) shortly after we bought the building. We sat on the floor of what was to be the “Break Area” (the kitchen) and I described my idea, asked for volunteers, and asked for donated materials. Selena and Mary Romano were immediately on board. Later we added Robyn Nick, Abby Silver and Lisa Nigrelli.

First task was to create a practice project so we could come together as a team with a shared vision of our style and technique. We designed a backsplash for the break area. In Spring 2001, we completed the Backsplash Mosaic just as the carpenters were finishing up the renovations on the building.

The next project was much bigger and involved more planning because we were going to incorporate letter tiles into the mosaic. It took over a year to organize the list of donors and contact them, create letter tiles (at Abby’s pottery studio), finish prepping the tiles, and take each section home and work on it. Let’s not forget an important member of our crew: thanks to Phil Dougan for helping with the installation of each mosaic. And the grouting volunteers. That’s the hardest part!

We finished the Thank You Mosaic in Summer of 2003 and had a wonderful reception in August ‘03.


thank you mosaic

the artists

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