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thank you mosaic

The Thank You Mosaic integrates words, names and initials into a large (6x8) landscape of Boulder's Flatirons.

First we contacted everyone who donated to the Gnu Building Fund. We assigned initials to each donor, and gave them a deadline to contact us if they wanted something different.

Then we randomized the initials (so that the A's weren't all grouped together, for example), and added some community radio words. We each took sections of the landscape and worked on them separately, although we did spend a lot of time at Selena's house.

We assembled the piece in a "paint by numbers" style, filling in the colored areas, using beads, toys, broken (and edge-grinded) pottery, and rocks. The ingredients were donated by local thrift stores and the KGNU community.

PS I still have a lot of the material and plan to use it in future projects, including a workshop.

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thank you mosaic

the artists

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